A strong case for Medicare for all


A strong case for Medicare for all


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Natural treatments for covin19

 Dr. Cron, following is a paper I wrote on some findings on natural treatments for the Covin 19 virus. Your studies on the cytokine Storm Syndrome was invaluable.

                                                    The Covid 19 Pandemic

While I am not a doctor, one of my favorite past times, is reading reports on clinical trials. Over the years, I have learned to glean interesting information from the medical jargon in these reports.

I started out trying to determine what the active constituents in pharmaceutical  formulations were. Most pharmaceuticals are derived from isolating the active ingredient in natural or herbal medications, and replicating it artificially . In many cases, I was able to find the active ingredient in a  particular compound, and locate a source to buy it inexpensively. In most cases, you could also avoid the side effects of the drug.

I have been spending my time at home during this pandemic looking for past clinical studies relating to this virus. This is what I found.

One natural treatment used for the treatment of viral lung infections is the Elderberry. It has been used for centuries to treat these viral infections . Upon investigation of the active ingredients in this berry, I found that  Quercetin is the most active.  I investigated  Quercetin, and I found a number of clinical trials for this remedy.  One very exhaustive study I found, Used 1000 samples of active Covin 19 virus. In 75 % of these in vitro tests, the virus was completely eradicated. It was discovered that the spikes on the virus were attacked by Quercetin. Since these spikes are used to attach to  the ACE2 receptor in the lungs,if they can't attach themselves, they cannot reproduce  If it can attach, it then removes the inside of the cell, and enters the cell, where it replicates itself. It then spreads to other cells, where it repeats the process over and over. The Quercetin prevents the virus from attaching.  Sounds good, right. Let's give everyone some . Not so fast, They also discovered that using this polyphenol  in the second stage of the illness, did not prevent death due to the lungs filling up with fluid. This is called Cytokine Storm Syndrome. where some patients die from over activity  in the lungs. Since Quercetin did not appear to prevent the  Cytokine storm syndrome in some people, the researchers decided that it might contribute to the CSS.

So, I started investigating why this happens. After a lot of research, I  discovered a paper written by Dr. Randy Cron from the University of Alabama Birmingham. He discovered that many of these people who died as a result of the Cytokine storm, had a genetic defect that created this situation. He also discovered that a simple, inexpensive, and fast test could determine who had this defect. This test is called the elevated serum ferritin test. So, everyone who goes into the hospital for covin 19, should be given this test. If they have a positive test, the doctors will know what to expect.

My next task would then  be finding something that would prevent this Cytokine Storm syndrome. Guess what. I found it. There is a constituent of Frankincense called Boswellia extract that appears to prevent the overactivity of the T cells that cause this condition. Hopefully, someone working on this problem  will read this and do their own investigation, and possibly try this process. At least on paper, it appears to be at least a simple way to slow this virus down. There is a lot of scientific jargon that I left out of this paper, to make it easier for the laymen to understand.

A simple explanation of this is, Quercetin , when taken prior to the infection, can help prevent it, or at least make it less severe. If anyone tests positive for Covid 19, or has symptoms of the virus, they should start taking Quercetin immediately. Anyone admitted to the hospital for Covid 19, should  get the Elevated Serum Ferritin test. It will indicate that the patient has a high possibility of developing the Cytokine Storm Syndrome, which is usually fatal. If the patient does test high on the Ferritin test, they should be given the Boswellia extract to calm the body's over reaction. It appears that in the early stages of Covid 19, the virus is able to hide from the bodies natural defenses against the virus. Then , in the latter stages, the defenses awaken, and attacks everything, including the patients own cells. The Boswellia extract appears to lessen the attack to normal levels. I hope this can be of some benefit in fighting this pandemic. Both Quercetin and Boswellia Extract are also effective for Arthritis . Quercetin with Bromelain is more quickly absorbed.

Charles N Haynes

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Natural treatments for covin19

 Dr. Cron, following is a paper I wrote on some findings on natural treatments for the Covin 19 virus. Your studies on the cytokine Storm Sy...