A strong case for Medicare for all


A strong case for Medicare for all


Monday, December 10, 2018

Understanding the Trump/Russian Conspiracy

                   Understanding the Trump/Russian Conspiracy

The illogical connection between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin has been revealed. Naturally, the connection for Trump is about money. For Putin, it is about world domination. The nature of their conspiracy revolves around Trumps efforts to construct a Trump tower in Moscow, from which he would reap many millions of dollars. To do this though, he needed Putin's consent. He also needed financing from VTB bank, a bank that Putin controls. This was necessary, since no reputable bank would finance him. Naturally, Putin would not do this without something in return. What he wanted was for the US to drop the sanctions against Russia. He particularly wanted the Magnitsky act dropped. This was a sanction against any Russian oligarch suspected of violence against the press or others. This act prevented them from banking outside of Russia. Also, the VTB bank was under sanctions, so Trump needed the US sanctions dropped before he could finance the project. In short, the conspiracy is that Trump is selling out the United States to Russia for the billions of dollars he could reap from this scheme, and Russia would achieve the world wide domination that Putin craves.

Thus, the conspiracy to get Trump elected President of the United States was formed.It involved a massive hacking attack on the information apparatus of the United States. It also involved voter fraud, which consisted of  voters in Democratic districts being purged from the voter rolls for things like signatures not matching those on the voter registration applications. Since most people's signature is never the same every time, anyone's ballot can be thrown out. This also applies to absentee ballots, that can be discarded on the whim of an election official.  This ruse has been used since the 2000 presidential election, when enough absentee ballots were discarded in Democratic strongholds like Palm Beach and Broward counties in Florida, to sway the election to George Bush. Amazingly, it worked again in 2016, when it was also done in Wisconsin and Michigan, giving Trump the electoral vote, and thus the presidency. It worked again in Florida in 2018, where 85,000 absentee ballots were reported to have not been returned to the election board. What are the odds of that many people making the effort to go get these ballots, but not bothering to mail them back in. This can easily be checked out by contacting the people who's absentee ballots were reportedly not returned. If they say they did return them, then you can be pretty certain that these ballots were dumped.  I would bet that most if not all of these ballots were from democratic districts.

Needless to say, our democracy and it's voting  system is under attack from Russia, along with Trump and his republican cohorts. They are selling out our country for their share of the billions of dollars flowing into our political system, thanks to the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. This decision by John Robert's court, is the basis for much of the elicit Russian money, stolen from the Russian people, and laundered in the US by people like Trump and others.

So, now that we know for certain that Trump and Putin have conspired against America for their own selfish goals, what are we going to do about it? First, we must understand that we are against a formidable adversary. Vladimir Putin is as tough and cunning as they come, and he will stop at nothing to establish Russia as the dominant country in the world. He has exerted his will in most of Europe, and he has gained support from the fascist fringe, who in most industrialized nations seems to be about 30% of the population, just as it is in the US. It should be noted that Hitler only had about 24% support in Germany when he took over the government. So, you can doubt the danger that we are in at your own peril. Putin is for real.

The second thing we must do is purge from our government those who have joined in this conspiracy, either wittingly or unwittingly. Any republican, who at this point is still supporting Trump, must go. It can no longer  be excused as just party loyalty to support him. It can only be that they have joined in this treasonous activity against our country. However, unlike in Russia, we can only remove these people at the ballot box. Since we are certain that recent elections have been manipulated  by the republican party, we must work to make sure that these abuses can no longer continue. The records of all polling districts should be audited, and if any suspicious activity is noted, those responsible should be removed. Our democracy depends on fair elections to function properly. 

I truly believe that the next two years will determine if our democracy will continue to exist, or if it will become a part of the new Soviet Union. The only way to save it at this point is for Americans to fully understand what has happened here. We have come under attack by a foreign adversary, who is using the weapons of the 21st century.It is no longer necessary to mount an invasion on a country you wish to dominate. As we are seeing, it can be accomplished by the infiltration of a government by hacking the systems we depend on for information and record keeping. Also, through the manipulation of the banking system, the press, televised media, and utilities.

As the result of this ability by our enemies to influence an uninformed electorate, we must inform them of the ways they are being manipulated. This could sound somewhat elitist, but unfortunately, we can only accomplish this by enlisting some of the techniques used by our enemies to mislead Americans. We must use mass communication to counter the lies with truth. Otherwise our electorate will be inundated with "alternative facts", that become the truth when repeated over and over. Our political committee, Citizens United to Repeal Citizens United, is committed to confronting the falsehoods that our citizens will face over the next two years, and hopefully we will be able to counter this scourge against our nation.

Friday, December 7, 2018

The Path to Repealing Citizens United

The first step on the Path to Repeal Citizens United has been accomplished. The Democrats took back control of the house of Representatives. It would have been nice to have taken control of the Senate, but that was almost an impossibility.  There were 20 Democrats up for reelection, but only 7 Republicans exposed, and they were in strong red states. The good news is we won 7 governorships, and only lost 1. That is important for several reasons. The governors of states have a lot of influence on how the redistricting of all the gerrymandered districts goes.. 2020 is a census year, and that is when the redistricting happens. The second reason for the importance of controlling the states, is that  to rid ourselves of Citizens United, it will probably have to happen through a constitutional convention. It won't happen from the Supreme Court overturning themselves on that decision. They are more right wing now than they were when they inflicted that travesty on our country. Many think that Donald Trump will be impeached, and removed from office. That probably won't happen either, because even though the new congress can vote for impeachment with just a simple majority, it takes a 2/3rds vote by the Senate to convict.  The Republicans will still control the Senate until at least 2020.  If we can vote Trump out of office then, there will be no need to impeach. Then we can have an indictment if we put in the right Attorney General. I doubt it would be difficult to convict Trump of the many crimes he has committed while in office.

If a constitutional convention was convened , it would take 38 states voting to repeal Citizens United.There are already 19 states on the books to repeal it. It probably could not happen until 2020. I believe that if we don't accomplish these aforementioned goals in 2020, there will be nothing left to save. The government at this moment is being dismantled at such a rate, it will require some very experienced people entering the government in 2020 to put it back together. Hopefully, many of those who have been fired or left out of disgust, would come back, at least on an interim basis. While I am pleased  that so many young people have been elected to seats in the federal, state, and local governments, I think they should be cautious in there enthusiasm for changing leadership positions in congress.To rebuild our government, it will take a lot of experience to rebuild the many departments that have been decimated by Trumps ignorance, greed, and hostility. While I understand the anger toward past Democratic leaders who let the Republicans push them around, even though they were in the majority, we must use our heads.  I believe that is why they were voted out of the majority in the midterms in 2010.

I think we must insist that the new leadership on the committees do not cut the republicans any slack. They should be dealt with just the way they have behaved while they have been in power. They should be investigated for the obstruction of justice  that they have so enthusiastically participated in. I want to see Devin Nunes impeached and removed from office. His actions of revealing to Donald Trump the particulars of an investigation into his possible treasonous activity is appalling.

So, it looks like the new Year could bring some exciting things. At least we seem to be on the way back to reclaiming our country. Please send your friends to our blog. Together , we can bring our country back from the precipice.

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