A strong case for Medicare for all


A strong case for Medicare for all


Friday, December 7, 2018

The Path to Repealing Citizens United

The first step on the Path to Repeal Citizens United has been accomplished. The Democrats took back control of the house of Representatives. It would have been nice to have taken control of the Senate, but that was almost an impossibility.  There were 20 Democrats up for reelection, but only 7 Republicans exposed, and they were in strong red states. The good news is we won 7 governorships, and only lost 1. That is important for several reasons. The governors of states have a lot of influence on how the redistricting of all the gerrymandered districts goes.. 2020 is a census year, and that is when the redistricting happens. The second reason for the importance of controlling the states, is that  to rid ourselves of Citizens United, it will probably have to happen through a constitutional convention. It won't happen from the Supreme Court overturning themselves on that decision. They are more right wing now than they were when they inflicted that travesty on our country. Many think that Donald Trump will be impeached, and removed from office. That probably won't happen either, because even though the new congress can vote for impeachment with just a simple majority, it takes a 2/3rds vote by the Senate to convict.  The Republicans will still control the Senate until at least 2020.  If we can vote Trump out of office then, there will be no need to impeach. Then we can have an indictment if we put in the right Attorney General. I doubt it would be difficult to convict Trump of the many crimes he has committed while in office.

If a constitutional convention was convened , it would take 38 states voting to repeal Citizens United.There are already 19 states on the books to repeal it. It probably could not happen until 2020. I believe that if we don't accomplish these aforementioned goals in 2020, there will be nothing left to save. The government at this moment is being dismantled at such a rate, it will require some very experienced people entering the government in 2020 to put it back together. Hopefully, many of those who have been fired or left out of disgust, would come back, at least on an interim basis. While I am pleased  that so many young people have been elected to seats in the federal, state, and local governments, I think they should be cautious in there enthusiasm for changing leadership positions in congress.To rebuild our government, it will take a lot of experience to rebuild the many departments that have been decimated by Trumps ignorance, greed, and hostility. While I understand the anger toward past Democratic leaders who let the Republicans push them around, even though they were in the majority, we must use our heads.  I believe that is why they were voted out of the majority in the midterms in 2010.

I think we must insist that the new leadership on the committees do not cut the republicans any slack. They should be dealt with just the way they have behaved while they have been in power. They should be investigated for the obstruction of justice  that they have so enthusiastically participated in. I want to see Devin Nunes impeached and removed from office. His actions of revealing to Donald Trump the particulars of an investigation into his possible treasonous activity is appalling.

So, it looks like the new Year could bring some exciting things. At least we seem to be on the way back to reclaiming our country. Please send your friends to our blog. Together , we can bring our country back from the precipice.

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