A strong case for Medicare for all


A strong case for Medicare for all


Monday, July 30, 2018

Are Americans too stupid to remain free?

I know this question will create anger in many people, but it is a recurring question that has been on my mind since the early days of the Viet Nam war. At that time, I was a young veteran, who after a visit to a Veterans hospital, became a staunch anti war advocate. I was visiting the hospital  to get treatment for a knee injury I had sustained in a bar fight in London, where I was based as a member of the USAF. The fight was the result of an ongoing adversarial relationship we young Americans had with the local lads, over our advances to the local ladies.

What I observed at that hospital will stay with me forever. I felt like a fool, being I was the only one of the hundreds waiting for treatment, who had all their body parts. I limped out of their in tears after seeing all these young boys, every one missing at least an arm or a leg, or a face. What good reason was there for these young men to pay this price? That experience made me question for the first time, whether our government, or any government for that matter, worked for the well being of their citizens, or for the political or financial interest of the powerful members of society.

That doubt turned into a lingering anger, as I stood and watched the Chicago police riot at the democratic convention in 1968. I found it incredible that the approval for the war increased in the general population after that atrocity. Although I realized that the necessity for our involvement in the second world war, had increased our acceptance of war in general, I still could not see how people just blindly accepted the fact that we were constantly involving ourselves in these actions against other nations. Korea, Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Nicaragua. El Salvador, Honduras, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya . Could it be because none of these people look like your average American?

On top of all this, how could it be that Americans do  not recognize that in most cases, while a democrat in the presidency usually left us with a lower deficit and stronger economy, the republicans have repeatedly  left office with a higher deficit and, in some cases, like George Bush, with a destroyed economy, and two wars. And now, we have a despot for a president, who is claiming credit for an economy he inherited from Barack Obama. He has no knowledge of economics, nor has he anyone on his staff, who could give a fair assessment of the situation. His inane policies will certainly destroy the economy that Obama slowly put back together over eight years. In spite of this, we are in grave danger of him and his cronies being returned to office. While I recognize that every industrialized nation seems to have about a third of it's population who lean toward a fascist bent,they are not usually able to control the outcome of elections. However, when you have a foreign power controlling much of the information being disseminated to society, the true will of the electorate can be altered, as it was in 2016. The Russians spread the false information that they had not interfered with the results of the election, and they were almost universally believed. Anyone who fell for that has to be Stupid.

So, again I ask. are Americans to stupid to  remain free. I guess you could argue that we may not be stupid, but just easily fooled. I have heard  that a strong indication of insanity, is to repeat the same stupid act over and over again, while expecting a different outcome.If we are to have a different outcome in the upcoming midterms, we must exert some influence on our fellow citizens. We can be certain that the Russians will be doing just that. To read more on this subject, please go to my blog at https://cutrcu.cutrcu.biz

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