A strong case for Medicare for all


A strong case for Medicare for all


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Defending our right to vote

Sine the 2000 election, when the future of our planet was impacted by a stolen election for president of the United States, I have been a voice crying in the night about absentee ballots being discarded in Democratic districts. I have been told by democratic congressmen whom I have contacted, that it just couldn't happen.

Well, as Brian Kemp, the republican Secretary of State from Georgia has shown us, you can be disqualified from voting if an anonymous republican elections official decides that your signature does not match up with the one on record. And it doesn't have to be just your signature. It can be anything on your registration that they decide is not right. But it doesn't just end there. Your absentee ballot can be discarded for exactly the same reasons. That is why I am voting in person. At least I can cast a provisional ballot if I arrive at the polling place to discover that I have been purged from the polls. If your absentee ballot is thrown out, you probably will not be aware of it.

As a side note, yesterday I signed four checks. Because of all these attempts to purge the voter rolls, I looked at the signatures very closely. Not one looked exactly like the other. So, even if a biased election official actually looks at the signature before throwing it out, he could easily find that the signature is not exactly the same. So, we seem to have a catch 22 here. Are we going to allow our elections to be stolen like this? As an old Viet Nam era veteran and anti-war activist, I might have a shorter fuse than most. My attitude is this. If I can't vote, no one votes. Think about it. It may come to the point where we have to stand up for our rights.

You might have heard about the North Dakota republicans passing a law that to vote in the midterm elections, you must have a 911 address on your voting card. On the Indian Reservations, they have rural route numbers, instead of physical addresses. This basically prevents the Native Americans from voting. The republicans did this because the Native Americans voted overwhelmingly for Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp in the last election. Surprisingly, the US Supreme court approved this action by a 6 to 2 vote. WE are in much more trouble than most people seem aware of.
Our basic right of free speech, freedom of the press, and selecting our leaders are under attack. We basically are cornered. We have no one to stand up for us. Not the House of Representatives, the Senate, the presidency or the courts. Our only course is to vote in such numbers that they can't possibly steal enough votes to retain their power. To quote an old Viet nam era slogan, POWER TO THE PEOPLE   If you wish to donate to our cause please click.   https://secure.actblue.com/donate/citizens-united-to-repeal-citizens-united-1
thank you.

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