A strong case for Medicare for all


A strong case for Medicare for all


Monday, September 17, 2018

Help Save America From Putin and Trump

My name is Charles Haynes. I  am the secretary/treasurer of Citizens United to Repeal Citizens United. Our primary goal, as our name suggests, is to repeal Citizens United. We feel this is the primary problem we are having with our government right now. Massive amounts of money, stolen from the Russian people by Vladimir Putin, and his oligarchs, is being used to destroy democracies around the world. He has been laundering money through Donald  Trump and others for years. Everything is about the money in our government today. The first step in taking back our government from the grips of Vladimir Putin. and his unstable lackey, Donald Trump, is to take back the House of Representatives, and hopefully, the Senate in the mid term elections. There is absolutely no guarantee that this will happen. Trump is in control, and the Russians are still going to be manipulating our electoral process, because there is no one to stop them. We have a majority in Congress.who are so bought out by the Russian laundered money pouring into the real estate industry., that they only react to those who are supplying the money.Most of them are involved in sweetheart deals that guarantees they will make huge gains on investments in various enterprises. That is why they have no problem walking away from Congress. They are already set for life.One such deal was the medical instruments company that one republican member of congress was arrested for insider trading on.That is just the tip of the iceberg.

The second step is to take back the White House in 2020, and hopefully get many seats back in the Senate. There will be a lot more republican senators up for election at that time. If we can take back the presidency, an Attorney General can be put into place who will file charges against Trump and his criminal entourage in Congress. You may notice I did not bring up the impeachment process. That would be such a satisfying occurrence. If we take the House, Trump could be impeached with just a simple majority voting for impeachment. The problem is, it would take a two thirds majority in the Senate to convict him. Even if we won every Senate election in the midterms, it would not be enough to get a two thirds majority to convict. Even if he was convicted by the Senate, the only punishment is removal from office. He could keep all his ill gotten gains, and go on his merry way, creating havoc where ever he goes. In case we could not get him convicted, I think the best thing is to get him out of office in 2000, appoint an honest Attorney General, and using the evidence from Mueller's investigation,  put him in prison for a long time.

The third step would be to try to take as many state governorships as possible. This is critical to stopping the gerrymandering that allows a minority party to control a majority of the seats. The republicans have rarely garnered a majority of votes, but they keep winning elections. The two presidents who have done the most damage to our country, Bush and Trump,have not won the popular vote. If we could win some statehouses, we could call for a constitutional convention of the states to repeal the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court. That decision is at the core of our inability to stop Trump. The legislators who are supposed to keep in check the authority of the President, are receiving dark money to support his every move.That is the purpose of Citizens United to Repeal Citizens United. The path to this momentous action just so happens to be the same as the path  to free us from this crisis we find ourselves in.

That is where we are at now at Citizens United to Repeal Citizens United.While we are working hard to get as many democrats elected as possible, there is a possibility that we will lose our Democratic Senator from Florida, Bill Nelson. He is running a nice guy campaign against a real predator, Rick Scott. This guy has been involved in more criminal activity than almost anyone, except for maybe Paul Manafort. He oversaw the largest Medicare rip off in US history, and yet he was allowed to leave his CEO position at Columbia Healthcare, and let the company be charged. The company payed a 1.5 billion dollar fine, and Rick Scott walked away with millions. I have never heard of guy who perpetrated the crime walking away, and the company he was running. being charged for 14 felonies. That is like me robbing a bank, and my gun being charged for the crime. Anyway, we are going to blow the lid off this in Florida, our home State. We are preparing a political ad to point out his history, which most Floridians are oblivious to. We are also working on a campaign to help Andrew Gillam for governor.We appreciate your effort in securing his nomination.  He is running against a guy who has his own set of deficiencies. We must win these elections in FL.That is why we are asking any American patriot who can help us raise funds to fight this uphill battle to donate. Our FEC filing number is C00674424. You can click to donate.   https://secure.actblue.com/donate/citizens-united-to-repeal-citizens-united-1

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