A strong case for Medicare for all


A strong case for Medicare for all


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Many people think that after the Mueller probe, Donald Trump will be impeached, and just go away. This is wishful thinking, and nothing can be further from the truth.
For this to happen, you would have to have a two thirds majority of liberal democrats in the Congress and Senate. This cannot happen in the midterm elections. There are just not enough republicans in the Senate, who are up for  reelection in the midterms, to get the numbers needed to convict. So, Trump will be in office until at least 2020. Mueller cannot indict Trump on criminal charges.

Since Mueller can only inform Congress  that Trump has committed criminal acts that are impeachable, they would probably not vote to impeach, because they have a majority. You have seen how they have stuck with Trump throughout this debacle that he has created. They must stick with him now, because most of them who are on the intelligence committees have committed criminal acts that leave them open for charges of  obstruction of justice.

Our only way to save this Democracy, is to pursue a course that could eventually lead to the repeal of the disastrous  Citizens United decision by the John Roberts Supreme Court. That course would begin with an all out attempt to remove as many republicans from office as possible in the mid terms. This will not be as easy as one might think. The republicans have billions of dollars in the coffers, both secret dark money from Russians and others. Then we have the millions from the Koch Brothers, and other American oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson. These men think that since they have made tremendous fortunes in America, this gives them the right to rule America. The Supreme Court has decided that spending money in political campaigns is free speech, so the very rich have much more free speech than the average person. That is not what our forefathers intended. It is our duty to make sure that this won't stand. We can either join together to fight them on their terms, which is with political action, or we will eventually have to fight them in the streets, to regain our freedom. The only other option is to live with them as our masters.

If democrats could take the midterms, then they could prevent Trump from pushing some of his most disastrous actions against our government. We could then prevent him from appointing people for government positions where they pursue policies that go against the purpose of the agency they run. This would just be a holding action however. In the 2020 elections, 33 republicans will be up for reelection, with just 12 democrats. That is the critical election, because if the democrats take back the Senate in that election, along with the Presidency, we will be able to start reconstructing our Democracy. We would then have the votes to convene a constitutional convention, which would be able to repeal The Citizens United Decision. It is this decision that has created this whole mess we are in.

This is the only course that will save us. We must work like we have never before to save ourselves from these despots who wish to enslave us. It is for this purpose, that I have formed a political committee, registered with the FEC, to collect funds to counter the intense political advertising that we will soon see in the midterms. We must counter their massive efforts in the critical states where democrats are at risk. Not talked about so much, are the Gubernatorial elections in 2018. Their are 36 governorships up for election. They are absolutely critical, because in 2020 the redistricting of voting districts will convene. It is our only chance to correct the gerrymandering that the republicans have engaged in.  The governors have veto power over this process. This means, that if we elect democrats,  they can insure that there is fair redistricting.  As you can see, there are many critical aspects to our political process that are occurring shortly. If we just assume that every thing will be alright, and that Americans will see the truth about where our nation is headed, then we are lost. Please join with me on this mission to save this beautiful, though not quite perfected country that we love. If you wish to join me, I will soon  provide information on how you  can join this campaign, should you wish . Thank you for your attention to this effort.

Charles Haynes
Member, Indivisible East Hillsborough

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